All I've Ever Wanted Is Nothing to Do


genius musician poet believer in authentic JOY wild man clown traveller you were cool man you were wise you said fuck u to the USA I miss the fuck out of you. R.I.P. JOE PACHINKO  my dearest friend

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This is a manifesto of my all consuming love & my all consuming hatred for humanity. it is a manifesto of trailer introspection's inspired by isolation, flies, and Rock Star Energy drinks. It will not save your soul. Please don't look for redemption in this book. Writing is a way out, a way to sing, a way to spit truth. I have listed my failures here, and my shortcomings.I have also come to some very obvious conclusions about death. So what!


There are some people in the world who have never crisscrossed the national highways on a drunken religious bender; who have never carved themselves up under a surgeon’s knife looking for the lost soul-piece; who have never loved and hated with equal passion and without apology; who don't swim in any body of water, kiss any waiting mouth, love every animal; there are some folks who wake everyday and do the same things, say the same things and believe the same things as yesterday; who read newspapers, sigh and go to work; who give others cancer with their smile; they eat too much; they ask permission to fart; they fuck with their eyes closed; they think sex is only good among the beautiful; they don't hang from cliffs, they don't consult the gods; they think life is an accident, and time is merely a thing to be killed, not something to be held up in your hands with awe.  Christopher Robin (c) 2013