roaming sexually ambiguous Christopher Robin wears a worn Vegas hat and a cartoon smile/squeals too much/helps old ladies/takes too many baths/his looks are gone but he holds on strongly to the belief that his life has been touched by Luck and Grace/his likes include: his cat, his girlfriend and his mother (in no particular order)/ his bad habits include: mac & cheese, rock star energy drinks, cheetos, gambling, classic rock and hanging out at rest areas/the things he misses the most now that he's middle-aged are: smoking cigars and the hair on top of his head/ sometime's he'll stare into a mirror and wonder what it's all for/then he'll go out and buy 12 rolls of toilet paper. He is not on Facebook, but he likes to think he still lives on Earth

Story Books:
Senseless Soul Diversions for the Idle
Random Stories Inspired by Rocks Thrown By Bullies
Tales from A Deliberate Life
Gettin' Somewhere is for Suckers
The Sound of Slack

All I've Ever Wanted Is Nothing to Do (2017)

Poetry Books:
Freaky Mumbler's Manifesto
Angelflies in My Idiot Soup
Who Will Pay the Royalties for the Voices in My Head