All I've Ever Wanted Is Nothing to Do

roaming sexually ambiguous Christopher Robin wears a worn Vegas hat and a cartoon smile/squeals too much/helps old ladies/takes too many baths/his looks are gone but he holds on strongly to the belief that his life has been touched by Luck and Grace/his likes include: his cat, his girlfriend and his mother (in no particular order)/ his bad habits include: mac & cheese, rock star energy drinks, cheetos, gambling, classic rock and hanging out at rest areas/the things he misses the most now that he's middle-aged are: smoking cigars and the hair on top of his head/ sometime's he'll stare into a mirror and wonder what it's all for/then he'll go out and buy 12 rolls of toilet paper. He is not on Facebook, but he likes to think he still lives on Earth

Story Books:
Senseless Soul Diversions for the Idle
Random Stories Inspired by Rocks Thrown By Bullies
Tales from A Deliberate Life
Gettin' Somewhere is for Suckers
The Sound of Slack

All I've Ever Wanted Is Nothing to Do


No Ordinary Days

Poetry Books:
Freaky Mumbler's Manifesto
Angelflies in My Idiot Soup
Who Will Pay the Royalties for the Voices in My Head

Head Full of Broken Toys (TBA)



Zen Baby

Poems for the Genuine Outsider